In the United Methodist Church those who are not identified as staff are often referred to as lay persons or laity. As United Methodist all are called with the gifts and skills to faithfully follow the path that God has for our lives.
As the Apostle Paul says in Romans, all are called to ministry who believe in God and are a part of the priesthood of all believers. As such, those who are called to be laity in the local church also have a role in the furthering of God’s kingdom on Earth.
Lay Leadership is a furthering of the call of a lay member, to engage in study and development of self to GROW the individual’s faith and skills, in order to be available to assist in the workings of the church at a more in-depth level.
Those who serve in this vital ministry here at UMC, Branford and in the greater United Methodist Church are tasked with work that affirm through the denominational practices their ability and call from God to Lay Leadership.
Cheryl Torello
Lay Leader
Terri Wells
SPRC Chair
John Beatty
Finance Chair
Trustees Chair
Diane Nerkowski
Faithful Stewards Chair
Carole Viel
Church Council Chair
Judy Loukides
Lay Speaker
David Wells
Lay Speaker