Night in Bethlehem
Monday, December 17
5:00 – 7:30 pm
Join us on a journey back in time to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ Birth!
Our evening will begin in the Chapel as we hear from excited townspeople telling of the birth of Jesus.
A Roman Guard will explain the census process and release us into the city.
Wander through our open air market, stop and make a pinch pot in the Pottery Shed or a lantern at the Gift Shop.
Stop in at the local Market & Cheese Shop for a light dinner and some period specific snacks for parents!
Head over to the well where you can get a drink of water and stomp some grapes into your own juice!
Meet the Angel who will take you on a trip to the stable to see the Holy Family.
While you visit you can take a ride on their donkeys if they aren’t too tired after their long trip from Nazareth! Bring friends and family to this meaningful night of exploration!
Learn & Play is looking for help with supplies and set up for Night in Bethlehem!
We will be setting up on Sunday, Dec. 16 from 1 pm until we are done (typically about 5/6pm).
We will be hanging lights, setting up canopies, creating marketplace displays, etc.
We are looking for the following supplies: white Christmas lights (strands or nets), extension cords (indoor and heavy duty outdoor), lanterns, solid colored blankets and fabrics, battery operated candles, wooden bowls & baskets, fake fruit, etc.
Please be sure to label all items with your name to facilitate return. We are requesting items be dropped off or left in Herr Hall (by the piano) before 1pm on Sunday, Dec. 16th.
We are also in need of one or two easy-up type canopy frames, with or without the fabric canopy attached.
Please call Robin at 203-488-4028 if you happen to have a canopy we can use! Thank you!