Our adult book study classes are open to anyone who is interested in experiencing the life lessons and spiritual gifts that come from learning about the word of God as found in publications and who would like to share this experience with others in a supportive, non-critical environment.
We have two groups that meet every Tuesday and Thursday.
Our Tuesday group meets via Zoom at 7PM. Please email Pastor Kent at umcbpastor@gmail.com for the link or telephone number if you would like to join the study.
Our Thursday group is meeting via conference call at 10AM.
Please call 425-436-6385 and use access code 841200# to join.
Current Study Program
Past Study Programs
SING! Authors, songwriters, and worship leaders Keith and Kristyn Getty write to church members to remind them why, when and how the Church should sing. Sing! guides individual church members together with their congregation on a campaign to declare with one voice, “This is why we Sing!”
THE BOOK OF ROMANS – Discover why Romans is called “the most inspirational letter ever written.” Appreciate why these words to the Church in ancient Rome echo still with energy and power. Encounter theology in the making as Paul wrestles with enduring issues: justification and grace, sin and salvation, a vision of unity, and the faithfulness of God— the same issues that believers, old and new, have contemplated throughout the history of the church.

IMMERSE: THE BIBLE READING EXPERIENCE – The Reading Bible is a six-volume Bible created with one goal in mind: to provide the best reading experience possible. The text is laid out in a beautiful single-column setting with chapters, verses, section headings, and footnotes removed with the content of each book displayed according to its literary genre.

It’s intentionally uncomplicated. There are no right or wrong answers and no workbooks.
Instead, we will talk through questions like, “What stood out to you this week?” or “Was there anything confusing or troubling?”
GLORY DAYS – “With God’s help you can close the gap between the person you are and the person you want to be. Like Joshua and the Israelites, you can move from a wilderness existence into a promised inheritance. This is God’s vision for your life. In Glory Days, by studying the life of Joshua and the biblical book that bears his name, Max Lucado reveals God’s promises for every step and reminds readers that God still fights for them.”
Parables Remix – The parables told by Jesus in the gospels of the New Testament are simple, powerful stories that can help us to look at our lives and our relationship with God and one another in new and challenging ways. This study series offers small groups who meet weekly to review a video presentation of one of Jesus’ parables set in modern times with people facing everyday challenges. The results are often surprising and result in lively discussion and new ways of thinking about the value of Jesus’ message to today’s world.

The Prodigal Son was a six-session small group Bible study for the Summer 2013. Pastor and bestselling author Timothy Keller uses one of Jesus’ best-loved parables — the Prodigal Son — to illustrate the depth of God’s love and how his grace extends into some much unexpected places.

The Story was an event for the entire church from September 2012 to June 2013. The Story tells that God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. The Story is all about: the story of the Bible, God’s great love affair with humanity. Condensed into 31 accessible chapters, The Story sweeps you into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation.
Disciple Bible Study is one of the more exciting and inspirational opportunities in the United Methodist Church today. It is an in-depth and formal study of Scripture which is designed to develop strong Christian leaders through regular committed study of the Bible.
Christian Believer aims at addressing the uncertainty about the substance of the Christian faith and the connection between believing and living. The goal of Christian Believer is to make available to people the substance of the Christian faith that the church has confessed as a way of connecting to God and living faithfully. This thirty-week study of the classical doctrines of the Christian faith aims at presenting, explaining, and interpreting Christian doctrine as the basic teaching of the church – to the end that informed believing leads to committed discipleship.
Invitation to the New Testament – Using Matthew’s Gospel as a starting point, this study examines how the New Testament writers and the early Christian community wrestled with the implications of the story of Jesus for their lives and their communities. Participants are invited to study afresh this story of Jesus to learn more about what it means to be the community of Jesus’ followers today
Invitation to the Old Testament – This study approached the Hebrew Scriptures by inviting participants to hear the story of God and God’s calling of the people of Israel through the many “voices” of the biblical text. Narrative, poem, history, and prophetic utterance all have their own distinctive characteristics and purpose, arising out of a particular historical, social, and cultural setting. To understand fully the story of God’s covenantal relationship with Israel calls for listening to these various ways the story is told throughout the Old Testament.
When God’s People Pray – In this study Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, showed us truths about prayer that God has used to turn his own church from a tiny, struggling inner-city congregation into a vital, thriving community of believers who pray with passion, focus, and faith. Prayer can change lives and circumstances like nothing else can. What are the keys that unlock its power, that turn prayer from a mere activity into a vital link with God and all his resources?